3ds_2014_brand_labels_swk_certsolutionprtnrThese are just a few of the applications and add-ins the HawkWare development team has created over the years to improve our customers’ experiences using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to manage their designs.  We recognize that your development and data management processes are unique, and often provide a critical competitive advantage in your market.  Because of this we often develop variations of these in special partnerships with our customers.

If you have a need for an application similar to any of these don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements in detail. We may be able to provide a solution for you too.

PDM TeamWorks Professional

Do you need a better way to track time on work done in your SOLIDWORKS PDM vault? Are you looking for simple way to see how all your projects are progressing? Do your team need an easy place to openly discuss vault documents or projects? This might just be your answer!

Transition Blocker

Do you need to ensure that all your child components are approved and promoted in your workflow before the assemblies are?  This add-in could be just what you are looking for.

Serial Renamer

Do you want to apply serial numbers to your files only when you are really ready, rather than upon creation?

This add-in might solve this for you.

Auto-Document Number

Are you using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to manage non-CAD documents, like MS Word or Excel?  Do they serve a myriad of special purposes like Assembly Instructions, Compliance Reports, or Policies and Procedures?  Do they need serial numbers just like your CAD documents?  Our Auto-Document Number add-in is just for you!

Change Control Board (C.C.B.)

Would you like to use the parallel approval options in the SOLIDWORKS PDM workflow, but different groups need selected for different sets of documents?  Does adding duplicate transitions or states to your workflows seem overly complicated to accomplish this?  Would you rather select the approval committee right on the data card for these documents?  We have your answer!

Custom Notifications

Do your vault documents follow the same general workflows, but require certain people to get notified, depending on the document?  Is the dynamic selection tedious because you need to select the same people for these documents every time?  But you can’t select them in the workflow settings, because its a different set of people for each document?  Would you like to select the people to be notified on the data card instead?  Help has arrived!

Folder Permissions Editor

Are you about to perform a major restructuring of your SOLIDWORKS PDM folders?  Have you made use of the automated folder creation capabilities of the PDM Template engine?  And now you are faced with the daunting task of going through each group and resetting permissions for all those recurring folders?  Fear Not!  We are here to help!

Sync Card Variable

Do your SOLIDWORKS drawing title blocks rely on the model properties?  Do you sometimes find it challenging to keep the drawing properties and the model properties synchronized? Do you have some drawings that should never by synchronized?  Or others that should only be done on demand?  We have the solution for you!

Rollback to Last Revision

Do your Engineering Changes sometimes get cancelled? Do you find that rolling back the drawing, its model, and any referenced components a bit challenging? Are you uneasy about giving users rollback rights? We have an answer!

Add References

Do you often need to manually attach PDM documents as references? Do you find that it’s easy to forget to check it out first? What if the mundane steps of checking out the parent and checking it in afterwards were done automatically? Life is Good! We have the add-in or you.


Are you putting BOMs on your SOLIDWORKS drawings? Do you ever need to save those out as csv or Excel files? Do you find repeatedly opening drawings and right-clicking the BOMs to save them out tedious? We can save you some time, and some clicking.

Copy As Path for PDM

Are you using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10?  Do you miss the option to copy the entire path of a document from the vault view using the SHIFT key?  The HawkWare team has your answer.  And it’s even free!

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