The SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional workflow notifications provide a robust way to keep your users informed.  However, these work best when the users requiring those notifications are consistent for all files moving through the workflows. What if they aren’t? If your designs require subject matter experts for certain types of document, would you rather tag those documents for those experts, or create a separate workflow to for them? If you have a large number of subject matter experts this can be impractical. We may have your solution.

Custom Notifications is an add-in we created allowing you to simplify your workflow by letting the data cards carry the burden of distributing notifications to the right users or groups. Since data cards are organized by location and file extension this provides the most flexibility. We also trigger these notifications when a file lands in a designated state. This prevents your administrator from needing to repeat the setup of there are multiple transitions feeding into the same state.

This add-in can be used with our C.C.B. add-in to complement its voting engine.

New for this release:

  • Rich text templates for each notification
  • Editable subject lines
  • Selection of Group names for notifications
  • Automatic combining of notifications for documents going through the same transition
  • Support for Delayed in State reminders

If this sounds like a good fit for your vault contact us.  If it isn’t quite what you need, but some modifications would make it a perfect fit, contact us as well.  We very often create custom variations of our add-ins to meet special customer requirements.

Here is a short video that shows it in more detail.


To purchase this application please contact us.

$1,495 USD

(Site license supported through SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro 2018)