The SOLIDWORK PDM Professional workflows are powerful process tools, ensuring proper revision updates, security and access control, as well as automating the export of deliverables like PDFs.  But sometimes you need a little more control over how the referenced components move through those workflows.  We have often been asked how to ensure that a parent assembly is not approved or released if any of its child components are still being worked on, or haven’t been approved.  There are also the Library components that often stay in a different workflow that need accounted for.

If these questions are familiar to you we may have the answers you are looking for.  Our Transition Blocker add-in allows you to set a standard message when these transition violations occur, as well as prevent it from happening.  You can also set certain states to be ignored (like your Library) so they don’t prevent an otherwise legitimate approval.


If this looks like a good fit for you please contact us.


$2,500 (vault license)(Includes the first year of support)

$495/year after the first year for continued support and upgrades.