Serial Renamer - Banner

The SOLIDWORK PDM Professional serial numbers are great tools for generating unique identifiers for your vault documents. The card defaults can even apply these automatically any time a new document is added to the vault. But sometimes we like to work with descriptive names while we brainstorm through various design ideas. Only when we have finalized the design path and determined which documents are destined for full development do we want to generate a number for them.

Does this sound like your Design or Engineering process? Then this add-in may be your answer. Take a couple minutes and watch the video to see if it does what you need.


If this looks like a good fit for you please contact us.  If not, don’t go away disappointed.  Contact us.  We often create custom variants of these add-ins to suit unique customer requirements. And we recognize that when it comes to part numbering, there is hardly an area of vault configuration more customized that this.


$TBD (vault license)(Includes the first year of support)

$TBD/year after the first year for continued support and upgrades.