HAWKWARE Tools for SOLIDWORKS is a FREE add-in containing a large number of productivity enhancing apps, along with valuable links to additional SOLIDWORKS resources.  Some of the capabilities include:

  • Deactivation Reminder – If you jump from PC to PC and need to move your license, this will remind you to transfer your license when you exit SOLIDWORKS
  • Fillet Renamer – Rename all the fillets and rounds in your feature tree to include their values
  • Configuration Exploder – Save model configurations as individual files
  • Task Creator – Create internal To-Do lists that travel with the files
  • User Macros – Assign your own macros to SOLIDWORKS events, like Open, Save or Rebuild
  • Resource Monitor – Get a quick view of the PC resources your SOLIDWORKS session is consuming
  • Design Assistant – Hide and show user-defined groups of reference geometry
  • Drawing Creator – Generate drawings for large number of SOLIDWORKS models in one easy tool
  • Pixels – Get creative with your screen captures using various effects, right from your SOLIDWORKS window

TreeviewStudio_Graphic_Only 2

Treeview Studio is a FREE desktop application, allowing you to visualize your SOLIDWORKS model reference structure in a tree format.

  • Orient the tree in any direction
  • Expand, collapse, zoom and pan to view any part of it
  • Export the tree as a high-resolution image
  • Export the thumbnails for all components in high resolution
  • Build your own tree structures, and let SOLIDWORKS build it into assembly files