HawkWare Tools provides a FREE collection of Productivity-enhancing applications, easily accessible from your Task Pane in SOLIDWORKS.  The HawkWare Team is continually reviewing and updating these tools .  By developing HawkWare Tools as a plug-in architecture we can quickly create new applications to enhance your SOLIDWORKS experience.  With this architecture we can even develop custom solutions that fit your specific requirements.  If you need a tool that isn’t present, or needs to work differently to suit your unique business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Artboard - Fillet Renamer
Artboard - Pixels

Artboard - Design Assistant

Artboard - Drawing Creator
Artboard - Task Creator
Artboard - User Macros
Artboard - Configuration Exploder
Artboard - Resource Monitor

Here are some of the HawkWare Tools plug-ins in action.